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what is the CLERB?

The Conference on Law and Ethical Responsibility (CLERB) is a conference run by young leaders and takes place annually.


Our event creates an interdisciplinary forum comprised of key note speakers, and panel discussions. The half day event will focus on the increasing role of the private sector in bringing about solutions in world-wide challenges, such as inequality, climate change, and poverty. Additionally, we will consider and question the role of the law in harnessing the tremendous economic potential, service provisions and accountability in the private sector.

At the CLERB, we believe that innovation and support through a spirit of collaboration is necessary to spearhead discussion on the global challenges we face today and promote positive change. This is why we invite all consumers to register under our delegates tab to join the conversation.

what is the CLERB?
our call to action
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By 2050, the human population is projected to increase by more than 2 billion people. With such an extreme surge in life being sustained on this planet, the challenges we are already facing will become too drastic to be tackled exclusively by the public sector. This is where the private sector comes in. As an increasingly important agent for change, the private sector serves as a source for economic growth and job creation, but it also has immense potential to provide goods and services that contribute to development by providing innovative solutions to help with world-wide challenges such as inequality, climate change, and poverty, to name a few.


Business-led initiatives, such as research and development partnerships, knowledge-sharing platforms, technology, skills transfer, and infrastructure investment have the potential to kick-start development, enable productivity gains, and promote technological advances. That said, we believe that ensuring the accountability of the private sector for all these activities through the power of the rule of law is critical.


Many challenges exist, however, to maximize the private sector’s role in economic, social, and environmental development we have created this forum to discuss innovative approaches and solutions to overcoming these challenges from a multidisciplinary lens together.

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